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Why would Robert De Niro be among the best franchise owner candidates?

What personality type makes the best franchise owner?
  • What about De Niro is typical of the best franchise owners?

  • Can the De Niro lesson help you determine if you should invest in a franchise?

  • Buying a franchise can bring you a life of independence, wealth and career fulfillment, but...

  • You could also lose your life savings if you don't fit or don't make the right franchise investment choice.

  • Begin educating yourself about whether you are a good fit for owning a franchise and how to identify the best franchise opportunities.

How do you compare to
Robert De Niro? is a service of the Franchise Wealth Academy, whose mission is to educate and mentor in support of franchisee wealth. Our faculty trains people to help them choose the best franchise opportunities, and we help franchise owners increase their profits and exit most profitably.





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There are over 2,500 franchises for sale. Use the franchise ratings to sort out the risky franchise investments from the best franchise opportunities more quickly. Just because a franchise is advertised on a "top 100 franchises" or "top 10 franchises" list, that doesn't make it one of the best franchises for sale.

Use the franchise reviews to get objective, relevant information for identifying the top franchise investments.

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